How to be a Gracious Guest

The most important thing a guest can do is to respond timely to the wedding invitation.  Having an accurate head count is critical to the planning process.  It certainly has an effect on the budget.  An accurate head count impacts the number of meals the bride and groom will relay to the caterer; it will impact the number of tables which in turn impacts the linens and centerpieces needed.  If the couple are giving favors to their guests it will have an impact here as well.  It may not seem like a big deal but printing programs; place cards etc all add up too.  So, you can see, just being a few days past the response deadline can cause the bride and groom unnecessary stress.   Something else you can do to be a gracious guest is to have the wedding gift mailed to the address provided in the registry.  This makes it easier for those packing up at the end of the evening and eliminates the need for the Maid of Honor; Best Man or the parents of the bride and groom to transport trunk loads of gifts.    Showing up on time and not overindulging at the bar are other ways you can be a gracious guest.